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Saturday, June 28, 2014

My AVON Beauty Haul

It's past bed time already I know, but I just really can't wait to blog about my Avon Beauty Haul. Aside from the products, I'm way excited to blog about it because of the photos I took, which I found pretty and pleasant. Would you agree? (c'mon give this girl some chance ^_^) lol. I've been MIA here on my blog these past few weeks because I am not really in the mood to blog and I needed inspiration to get back to track. What I did? I sit back and I enjoyed myself reading my favorite blogs. The bloggers behind SweetJellyBean, GenzelKissesBlog, Queenofallyousee are way too awesome in presenting their wonderful photos. Then I began to wish I had a high-end camera like DSLR for me to achieve a high quality photos. But someone told me that I don't need an expensive camera for this, I just have to learn the basic techniques for this. Anyway, I'm just going to blob about it once I mastered it. Let me now tell  you about my Avon Beauty Haul which I've received just a while ago.
It's been how long since I last purchased a beauty product? 7 months? or 9? Yes, it's been  too long already. I didn't bought any beauty products because as you all knew I'm pregnant. I have to buy fruits, vitamins and milk to be extra healthy rather than purchasing beauty products. So now that I'm almost due, I have to give myself a treat and as preparation after giving birth. What made me purchased these products? Oh gee! you really should see the packaging! :) I love how colorful the palette cover, and the lippie as well. Aren't they cute? Plus the press powder hearty design?! The shade isn't really what I ordered but it's out of stock so I tried the natural instead but it's way dark for me. I guess I'll just include this on my next giveaway. Lastly, the Love Collides perfume which has a mild scent , considering that I will be having a baby soon. I haven't been spraying perfume in my pregnancy stage, and again after giving birth I'll be able to spray perfume just a little. This is just a preview of my beauty haul, the review will be after giving birth. Thank you for dropping by, and God Bless You! :)